Chomp the Dragonwoman takes a 22' fall off the Castleton Harbor Fort.

Maroon the Shantyman calls for a broadside from the Pieces O' Eight to clear the dock of dragonmen.

Harvey the Corpsman gets blown off the quarterdeck by Ripp the Dragonwoman's magic.

Locken Key the Guard tries to blow out the live bomb as Yohko the dragon looks on.

Locken fends off the attack of Galleon O'Galleon the Pilot, Blue the Lookout, and Harvey...

...but ends up getting smashed in the head with a skillet for his efforts.

Captain Whitebeard emerges from the ship with his trademark bombs in hand and dispatches the dragonmen.

The insane Captain Whitebeard tosses the bomb to Snip the Dragonwoman, who promptly jumps into the water to put out the fuse.

Didn't work.

Maroon uses the ship's swivel gun to make quick work of the newly-arriving relief guard.

Squat the Dragonwoman flies in to attack Maroon on the ship

Retch the Dragonwoman tries to stab E the Bosun in the back after he'd beaten her fair and square.

The dragonmen all scatter as Maroon leaps in to attack.

Galleon is stuck in the rope trap as the dragonmen close in for the kill.

Hork the Dragonman leaps out to grab the escaping Locken on the yardarm.

The mighty dragon Yohko (Oh No!) has arrived to create some firey havok.

Squat is happy to oblige as she breathes fire at the unsuspecting pirates.

Chomp completes the tag team with her own fireball.

E and Harvey stare down the barrel of their flintlocks as they get the drop on Locken.

Galleon and Hork engage in a sword-to-axe fight in the middle of the ending melee.

Maroon takes a dive into the hold of the ship to escape Locken's cannon blast.

Retch tries to take off Locken's head with her spear.

Squat climbs in the rigging of the ship to attack Maroon from behind.

Ripp's spell has gone awry, causing everyone to break into disco dancing.

The dragonmen have returned with the newly-created Ripp in tow.

Ripp ends up creating yet another dragonman, Barf! Probably not the finest magic ever performed.

Barf ends up trying to get into the magic act himself, but his aim is a little off.

Barf's magic explosion blows Hork completely off the fort

Maroon slides from the main to the fore fighting top to escape the pursuing Squat.

Galleon collapses to the deck after running headfirst into the side of the ship.

Retch, Ripp, and Chomp have Maroon pinned down at the end of the dock with nowhere to run.

Luckily, his reinforcements bring the ship's cannons into play, sending the dragonmen scurrying.

E takes on both Retch and Ripp and still has them outmanned.

Galleon climbs back out of the water and doesn't seem to happy about the smell.

Maroon jumps to avoid getting skewered by the surrounding dragonwomen.

Locken tiptoes across the fort wall with a lit bomb in his hands before desposing of it in the tower.

Promptly blowing Chomp off the wall into a high fall.

Locken and Blue are surprised by the explosion behind them from Retch's magic spell.

Squat tries to talk Maroon into coming down and fighting like a man, but he's having none of it.

Snip takes a tumble off the wall to avoid Barf's bad magic.

The dragonwomen all duck in unison to avoid Locken's attack.

Lockens fends off the attacking Maroon.

Squat stalks Harvey on the fort wall.

Locken steals Maroon's gun when he tries to wake up the drunken pirates.

Maroon has to jump to avoid getting stabbed in the groin by Locken.

Maroon comes down with a case of Saturday Night Fever during Ripp's dance spell.

Hork ends up missing Locken on the yardarm not matter how hard he tries.

Snip tries it, too, and ends up with the same result.

Squat sails through the air never noticing the ship's mast right in her way.

Maroon hopes the cable holds on his slide from mast to mast.

Maroon has the drop on Retch, but she doesn't appear to be very frightened.

Locken takes a leap at the dragonwomen's backs, but forgets he's been tied to the ship.

Locken's cannon blast sends Maroon to his doom in the hold of the ship.

Locken gets shoved back into the briny water by the tantrum-throwing Galleon.

Even Chomp's hair looks reptilian as she and Locken try their best to stab each other.

The cannons of the Pieces O' Eight erupt in a hail of iron and powder.

Chomp and Ripp try to find out which is the business end of Maroon's flintlock.

E smashes a bottle over Harvey's head to get his beer back.

The stage erupts into action as everyone begins fighting one another in a grand melee.

Ripp and Harvey go at it on the fort wall.

E retrieves his sword from the jail and parries Retch's attack.

Chomp takes Locken and bashes his head with the gunport doors.

Thanks go to Tonie Dossey, Lee Stradley, and Donna Fagans taking the pictures

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