Week 1

Here's a picture of what was the Lake Stage at the Castle and will soon be the new stunt show stage.

Now, the crew goes to work demolishing the hard work put into the old stage.

You can kind of sense what's about to happen to Chris and Dave, can't ya?

Week 2

By week2, the pit to hold the water has been dug and the dock poles had begun to sink

Terrie, Craig, Josh, and Chris have had enough of using hand-held post hole diggers.

'Course having a 11ft hole at your feet during construction can be disconcering at times.

Week 3

Week 3 has the dock and floor of the fort being framed for decking.

The pirate ship's masts are also in the ground and concreted in place.

Josh shows his utter lack of amazement at Craig' bravery with Ted on the other end of that auger.

Week 4

By the end of week 4, the dock was completed and the support poles for the ship were in place.

The floor of the fort is also done along with the framing for the second floor of the tower.

When you see the ship, if it looks a little off, blame it on Craig, who was directing the process of setting the poles.

Week 6

By week 6 we've completed the floor of the tower's second level and done the framing of the backstage area.

Here's a shot of the whole stage.

Week 7

The backstage deck is complete and the outer platform of the fort is in progress.

Focus now turns to the ship, though as the fall landing platform is completed.

By the end of the weekend, the waist or maindeck, has been completed and framing has begun on the quarterdeck.

Week 8

It takes alot of manpower to set the bowsprit of the pirate ship.

The quartedeck and most of the foredeck are now completed on the pirate ship.

At the end of weekend #8, the stage is starting to take shape.

Week 9

We were a bit short-handed on week 9, so the biggest thing we managed to accomplish was the ramp for Yohko the dragon.

Week 10

The great cabin of the ship and the vertical risers on the fort are visible in this wide shot.

The roof of the backstage green room was framed up as well.

The platform over the deep end of the water was finally completed.

Week 11

The fort now has the beginnings of a face and the roof is up on the green room.

Here's a view of the bow of the ship from through the front wall of the fort.

You can see the quarterdeck of the ship is now completed in this wide shot.

Week 12

The skin of the first floor of the fort and the green room is completed along with the doors to the green room.

The first test of the placement of the zip line is a bit precarious in wet, 30 degree weather.

The ribs of the starboard side of the ship are coming along and the fort is made waterproof.

Week 13

The height of the tower has been raised to over 20 feet and top section of the wall is in place.

The green room is finally completed. This is where the cast/crew prepare for the show.

The starboard side of the ship now has all of it's ribs in place for it's planking.

Week 14

The port side of the ship now has its ribs except for the doorway where the fall pad has to fit in.

More poles are placed between the ship and fort that will support a sight block with a waterfall.

The skin on the fort is now finished and the stage is taking shape.

Week 15

The poles are set for the sightblind and tunnel from one section of the stage to the other.

The beginnings of the planking of the ship are going up and the gunports have been framed out.

Here's a look to the bow of the ship and the fort from the quarterdeck. Notice the newly finished rails.

Week 16

Construction began on the gypsy vardos that houses the pyrotechnicians controls.

The ship's skin continues around and the slide pole is up for the monkeys on the cast.

torture the newbies weekend continues as Justin becomes the first casualty of the water pit.

Week 17

The skin is finally up on the ship with only a few spots left to trim.

A Gangway is finished to allow the crash pad to get in and out of the ship.

The ship now tends to dominate the stage over the fort.

Week 18

The standing rigging and the fighting tops on the ship are now up.

All we need now is a ton of paint.

The world's tallest gypsy vardos is starting to take shape.

Week 20

The coats of paint make the ship in Castleton Harbor come to life.

The gypsy vardo is almost ready to be occupied

The Pieces O' Eight is almost ready for action.

Week 21

Rehearsals are in full swing this week as Dave works on scaring Chris

Then Terrie mocks her sliding kick that will send Chris into the drink

Of course, construction is never done as Craig & David install the yardarm swing.

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