Dragon Attack Stunt Show Stunt Show Movie Clips

Here are some MPG movie clips of the 2004 Dragon Attack Stunt Show in action at the Oklahoma Renaissance Faire.


Maroon is forced to jump from mast to mast to avoid Squat, but he doesn't avoid Locken's cannon.

320 X 240     30 sec     6.22 MB


Captain Whitebeard arrives just in time to blow all of the dragonmen up, including Chomp who falls over 20 ft.

320 X 240     30 sec     7.60 MB


Yohko orders Squat to fly in and attack, as pandemonium breaks loose on the stage.

320 X 240     40 sec     8.24 MB



The relief guard just showing up for duty gets a rude welcome.

320 X 240     16 sec     3.33 MB


The Pieces O' Eight opens up a broadside on the dragonmen.

320 X 240     37 sec     7.54 MB


Locken Key the Gatekeeper takes on the smelly Dragonwomen of the woods.

320 X 240     37 sec     7.54 MB



Chomp and Squat belch forth flame trying to burn up the pirates.

320 X 240     20 sec     4.13 MB


E and Harvey argue over their rum until E busts a bottle over Harvey's head.

320 X 240     23 sec     4.78 MB


Chomp, Retch, and Ripp try to poke holes in Maroon, but get a surprise instead.

320 X 240     40 sec     8.28 MB



Maroon takes on a soaking wet Locken Key with swords and guns.

320 X 240     57 sec     11.7 MB


Ever wondered how E got that scar on his stomach? Well, now you have your answer.

320 X 240     62 sec     12.60 MB

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