David Ruffin as

Harvey the Corpsman

Sheriff Tyrell McHendrick

Pete "Black Pete" MacReady

Lord Olfert Plushing

Lord Olfert Plushing

Lord Olfert Plushing

Name: David Ruffin (not the one who sings)
Birthdate: March 3,1051
Reason you joined the Stunt Show: the voices,they told me to join or be turned to SPAM
How many grueling hours has Craig made you work on the show?: hundreds of grueling, dozens of excruciating, and 4 and 1/2 inverted
Favorite Stunt: full-contact drinking
What advice would you give someone playing your part?: seek professional help
Favorite Line from any of the shows: there's booze overboard boys
Favorite fight partner in a show: Mary! We old hippies never die but we do bruise easy
Favorite Character From a Movie: Captain Barbossa-POTC
Favorite Food: Buccaneer Kettlecorn
If you were stranded on a desert island with 1 other person, who would you prefer to be with?: Thomas L. Thompson
No, really: Graham Hancock
If you could bring one luxury item, like in "Survivor", what would you bring?: My Trusty Leatherman Multitool
If you could have 1 power of a super hero, what would it be?: Brainiac's mental power
If you were going to play a superhero in a movie, who would you want to be directed by?: Michael Moore
If you could kick one person's butt on the planet and get away with it, who would it be?: John Ashcroft
Words to live by: No concept has done more to slow humanity's progress than monotheism
Acting/Technical experience: more than any sane person would admit
Before I die, I want to: meet the Dahli Llama
Any extra tidbits you want to offer: The unexamined life is not worth living!

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